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Course Program
Pain Management IEP Fellows' Course
Grand Hyatt Tampa | October 25-27, 2024


*Agenda is Subject to Change*


Friday, October 25th

  • 11:30a: Industry-Sponsored Cadaver Labs Begin

  • 5:00p: Symposium Begins

    • 5p Course Registration

    • 6p Academic vs Private Practice vs Hospital Employment (Chakravarthy, Schwartz, Castellanos, Cowan)

  • 7:00p: Adjourn

Saturday, October 26th

  • 6:30a: Breakfast 

  • 7:20a: Symposium Begins

    • Non-pharmacological Pain Management Techniques versus Pharmacological Pain Management option (Falowski, Castellanos, Schwartz, Antony)

    • 8:25a: Business Discussion (Chakravarthy, Sheth, Gulati, Patel, Cowan, Castellanos)

      • Fundamentals of Medical Employment and Consulting Contracts

      • Business of ASCs

      • Importance of Advocacy and Policy

      • Billing and Coding

  • 9:35a: Industry Breakout- Attendees visit Sponsors

  • 11:00a: Intermission - Coffee and Snack Break

  • 11:15a: Business Discussion (Patel, Falowski, Antony, Sheth)

    • Creating an Efficient Practice: From the Office to the OR

    • Ethics and legal issues related to pain management

    • Managing Conflict of Interest 

    • Time Management and Burnout

    • Junior Partner? Best Practices and Lessons Learned

  • 12:30p: Educational Lunch with Pacira Biosciences

  • 1:30p: Case Presentations - Interventional Pain Management Techniques (Chakravarthy, Falowski, Patel, Gulati, Schwartz)

    • Nerve Blocks, Spinal cord stimulators, ​Intrathecal drug delivery systems, Radiofrequency ablation, Vertebroplasty / Kyphoplasty, Epidural steroid injections, Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

  • 3:30p: Industry Breakout- Attendees visit Sponsors

  • 4:45p: Intermission - Refreshments and Snack Break

  • 5:05p: Round Table Case Presentations 

    • Industry-sponsored cases - topics to be determined

  • 7:30p: Dinner with Faculty and Premier and Foundation Level Sponsors


Sunday, October 27th

  • 6:30a: Breakfast

  • 7:30a: Case Presentations - Interventional Pain Management Techniques (Sheth, Falowski, Patel, Gulati, Schwartz)

    • Response Nerve Stimulation, Vagus Nerve Stimulation, Restorative neurostimulation

  • 8:30a: Advanced Interventional Techniques (Falowski, Cowan, Sheth)

    • SI Fusion, Interspinous Fusion, Basivertebral Nerve Ablation

  • 9:20a: Panel Discussion  (Chakravarthy, Patel, Castellanos, Schwartz, Antony)

    • Communication skills for interacting with patients in pain and their families

    • Collaboration with other healthcare professionals, including primary care physicians and specialists, to develop comprehensive pain management plans

    • Getting Involved Externally: Societies and Industry

    • Establishing your Reputation: Social Media, Advertising, and Outreach

  • 10:45a: Closing Remarks

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